The production process at our factory is advanced and controlled via monitoring and testing systems with a manufacturing capacity of 10,000 liters per day. The production department consists of advanced tanks with state-of-the-art computerized systems for controlling temperature and agitation times plus water treatment systems.

Quality Control

The factory’s quality control department works in accordance with standards which exceed the Ministry of Health requirements, ensuring the highest possible quality product is obtained before it leaves the factory gates. The department sends frequent samples to external laboratories to verify the quality of the products and to guarantee they are in compliance with the requirements.

We insist that all of the process stages be controlled and at the highest possible sterility grade throughout the entire process. Every production process begins with the purchase of only fresh raw materials, and only materials from professional suppliers in possession of a quality standard seal. Throughout the entire process of development, production, filling, and packaging, quality tests are performed to examine the quality of the material and its packaging before being sent for customer approval.

The factory exports to over 40 countries worldwide, therefore it ensures compliance with the highest international standards.