Your Brand

The ability to define a product, control its development process and market it, provides the customer with a substantial advantage given the intense competition in the cosmetics market. When setting up a private brand, the customer’s vision and needs come into play and according to them the products are built. However even an excellent idea on its own does not guarantee a product’s success. Many other factors have to be taken into consideration regarding the selection of a manufacturer, the product quality and the potential market.

GV Cosmetics has been involved in this field for many years and specializes in development of a broad range of Private Label products. From hair care to facial care to body care through to non-prescription drugs.

The company policy is to deliver high-quality products to its customers in accordance with their unique requirements and needs. Company customers enjoy comprehensive solutions and service throughout every stage of the brand-building process;

  • Concept formation and the marketing idea
  • Formulation and development of the appropriate formulas
  • Registration and building of a product file
  • Obtaining all of the relevant certifications and permits and compliance with the requirements of the destination countries for marketing and distribution
  • Consultancy as to the appropriate marketing network and package design
  • Support in shipping and exporting

Research and Development Department

Our team of chemists learns and updates itself on scientific studies and collects information relevant to the cosmetics industry. All of the latest trends and innovations in the market undergo continual evaluation and testing for the creation of new, state-of-the-art products for the customers. As part of the department, an advanced, professional research laboratory operates with the best professional equipment. The laboratory is staffed by a skilled, talented team, trained in chemistry and with many years of experience. This team of chemists works with the product from the development through to the manufacturing stage in full cooperation with the customer in order to achieve the desired finished product.

The development team provides a full suit of solutions and service, beginning with –

Quality and stability testing throughout the production phase

Use of the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art raw materials available in the market

Development of formulas in accordance with the customer requirements: free of petrochemicals, salts, compliant with European standards etc.

Development of a broad range of products such as: baby products, Dead Sea products, paramedical cosmetics

Regulation Department

Following the creation of the final formulation to the satisfaction of the brand owner, the company begins the process of regulatory registration in order to guarantee the product marketing is in accordance with the standards within the destination countries. The process consists of collecting all of the documents required for preparing the Product Information File (PIF), for registering the product in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and regulatory standards in the destination country, merging all of the information required for preparation of a standards-compliant label for the product, and finally – producing the license. The company, as part of the preparation of the PIF, runs external laboratory tests for all of the product components according to the formula, running a safety assessment and determining which warnings to include in order to ensure safe use of the product.

Manufacturing and Control Department

The production process at our factory is advanced and controlled via monitoring and testing systems with a manufacturing capacity of 10,000 liters per day. The production department consists of advanced tanks with state-of-the-art computerized systems for controlling temperature and agitation times plus water treatment systems.

Quality Control

The factory’s quality control department works in accordance with standards which exceed the Ministry of Health requirements, ensuring the highest possible quality product is obtained before it leaves the factory gates. The department sends frequent samples to external laboratories to verify the quality of the products and to guarantee they are in compliance with the requirements.

We insist that all of the process stages be controlled and at the highest possible sterility grade throughout the entire process. Every production process begins with the purchase of only fresh raw materials, and only materials from professional suppliers in possession of a quality standard seal. Throughout the entire process of development, production, filling, and packaging, quality tests are performed to examine the quality of the material and its packaging before being sent for customer approval.

The factory exports to over 40 countries worldwide, therefore it ensures compliance with the highest international standards.